Download Astonia Remastered here.

1. Download client.rar

2. Unpack the rar file in any folder, or use the installer to install the game in the desired folder.

3. Run the moac.exe

3.1 the client will update itself

3.2 make sure your firewall (or something else) doesn't block moac.exe and fetchfiles.exe

4. Install Microsoft 'VC runtime redistributable' 2015 or better. You can find it here:

Old Client:

If you want to try out the old client version (which is substantially smaller in size), download it here:

This client does NOT include the remastered sprite sets.

This game is powered by Dege's awesome direct draw compatibility layer! It converts old rendering methods to modern versions of DirectX! If you have no idea what this means, just take if from me: it's awesome..